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About Us: Crafting Vehicular Excellence with Car Care Direct

At Car Care Direct, we’re not just providers — we’re passionate advocates for the impeccable care and keeping of vehicles, bridging professional detailing with at-home car care. Delivering an exceptional suite of cleaning, storage, and vehicle care products, we cater to all makes and models, ensuring your prized possession receives the superior treatment it warrants.

A Family-Led Venture Rooted in Expertise and Dedication

As a family-owned and operated entity, we, at Car Care Direct, intertwine our professional ethos with a personal touch. We’re steadfast in our commitment to offering you, our valued customer, unparalleled products that embody quality and effectiveness, ensuring your vehicle retains its optimal condition and aesthetic allure.

Though our operation might convey a cozy, intimate feel, our capabilities and product offerings are robust enough to address all your queries and cater to your specific vehicular care needs with agility and expertise.

Meet Dave Naxton: The Heart and Soul of Car Care Direct

Dave Naxton isn’t merely the propelling force behind our company; he’s a professional detailer whose life’s work has been intricately bound to the art of vehicle preparation. Dave has lent his expertise to detailing some of the UK’s most elite and prestigious cars, making him no stranger to the demands of high-end vehicle care and detailing.

His unwavering commitment to elevating vehicles to their highest aesthetic and functional standards permeates through each outcome he achieves, utilizing the finest products the industry has to offer.

Inception Through Inquiry: The Birth of Car Care Direct

The echo of a recurring query, “What products are you using and where can I purchase them?”, sown through the many interactions amidst vehicle preparations, sparked the inception of Car Care Direct in January 2008.

Dave, recognizing a genuine need amongst vehicle enthusiasts and owners for access to premier, professional-grade products, established Car Care Direct. This platform was conceived to bridge you with the industry’s finest and most effective products, reflecting the same caliber utilized in professional detailing ventures.

Join Us in the Journey Toward Automotive Perfection

Embark on a journey where quality, expertise, and passion drive every product and service. At Car Care Direct, we extend more than mere products; we offer you a passage to sustaining the inherent beauty and performance of your vehicle, ensuring it reflects the utmost standard of care attainable.

Welcome to our family, where your vehicle’s care is directed by years of professional detailing wisdom and a genuine devotion to vehicular excellence.

Dave Naxton Car Care Direct