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Protecting your vehicle from snow and frost

This time of the year your, everyone is rushing about looking for a warm winter coat and some lovely thermal gloves. That’s because you would never venture out on a cold winters day without the correct winter protection.
Well don’t just stop at protecting yourselves from the ravages of winter, think about your beloved motor. You’re vehicles Paint, Plastic, glass and others surfaces are at the mercy of Jack Frost and his winter friends.

Car Car Direct have the solution to help your car make it through the winter months and into spring.

Fully tailored, custom made,  breathable, outdoor covers are the answer.

Don’t confuse these covers with the cheap universal or semi custom fit covers that are available.

These are custom made to order for your vehicle.

Here is a cover that we supplied to a customer for his ” 1997 Chevy Camaro SS ”

camero1 camero2

Email us your vehicles details for a free no obligation quote.

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