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Stormshield + Outdoor Tailor-made Covers Starting from £299

Stormshield + Outdoor Cover

Just simply message us your vehicles details and we will prepare a free quotation for you.

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These are not universal covers and we don’t carry any in stock. These are tailor-made covers that will fit your individual vehicles perfectly in the colours of your choosing.



What is a Stormshield + car cover ?

Stormshield + is ideal for long-term outdoor storage. The cover is made to last and has a fleecy inner lining to further protect your paintwork. The tri-laminate spunbond non-woven textile is breathable and waterproof. The cover also comes with additional options not available on the Stormshield. If you are looking for an outdoor cover that is hard wearing and long lasting, this is the cover for you. Delivery takes approximately 4 weeks from date of order and will be shipped with DPD unless outside the UK.


Choose your colours

The Stomshield + cover comes in a range of 4 colours to choose from – Black, Grey, Blue or Green. You can also add a colour pack to your order and mix and match the colours to create a two-toned cover for your car.


Waterproof and breathable

The fabric used is both waterproof and breathable which offers full protection to your car from the external elements without allowing it to “sweat” under the cover. Our Stormshield + cover has the right balance between being waterproof and being breathable.


UV Protection

Our Stormshield + covers have been impregnated with UV inhibitors creating a protective shelter for your car. This helps to maintain the condition of your car, inside and out, eliminating faded paintwork and interiors from sun damage.



Stormshield +
Perfect for long-term, outdoor protection. The Stormshield + fabric is a 100% waterproof and breathable spun bond material with a soft fleecy inner lining, preventing the build up of moisture and the formation of mould or rust. Stormshield + is created from three layers: an outer layer that shields your car from external elements, a central membrane that keeps water out but allows moisture to escape and a non abrasive inner layer. All three layers are bound by heat lamination to provide greater protection and strength. Delivery takes approximately 4 weeks from date of order and will be shipped with DPD unless outside the UK.






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